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Project Nexus

September 1999

de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara, CA

36' x 24' x 12'

wood, metal, leaves, epoxy clay, paint,

glass, chip bark, lighting, soundtrack

Project Nexus, an interactive installation, gave the gallery visitor a chance to experience holistic thinking first-hand. 


It was inspired by a botanical illustration that applied systems thinking to analyzing a living botanical environment.


The Ring of Life, a five-foot wide sculpture based on this illustration, was the centerpiece of the show.


This installation also included other components, such as the burning bush (one of the few times a plant was represented as the divine in the Western tradition), and The Ring of Water, which was also a drum.


Local composers created and performed  musical works on the instruments. Other features of the exhibit included, a sound track, special lighting, a wall of suspended leaves and a floor covered with redwood bark.

project nexus 1.jpg
nexus 4.jpg

The Ring of Life, a five-foot wide sculpture based on a scientific illustration was the centerpiece of the show. It was part musical instrument, part teaching tool, helped participants experience the interconnectedness, interdependence and complexity at work in the living environments that sustain us.

nexus 3.jpg
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