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Nature Speaks: Art and Poetry for the Earth

Deborah Kennedy 

Published by White Cloud Press

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Illustration for Rough-legged Hawk

Excerpt, "Hovering, he beats his wings like a man driving nails into solid oak…"

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“The captivating poetry and illustrations in Deborah Kennedy’s new book, Nature Speaks: Art and Poetry for the Earth, bring to life the bond between ourselves and the larger natural world. Kennedy focuses on the ecological themes of our time, infusing art and science with insight and passion. Her powerful poetry and earth-toned ink illustrations unveil nature in its beauty and depth, appealing to the eye, the mind and the heart. Nature Speaks invites us to listen to the earth—to appreciate nature’s grace, complexity, and vigor—as we discover pathways for healing ourselves and the earth.”

          - Independent Review

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Illustration for White Violet


Excerpt, "…At my feet white violets dance like tiny angels on the point of a pin. The thrush’s ice clear call circles through dusty shadows…"

Book Review:


US Review of Books, Eric Hoffer Book Award, Winner Poetry


The clarity of the poetic voice in the author’s lines carry an intensity of feeling that communicates the subject’s vulnerability. The book offers a restless, analytical collection in which the forces of nature and science intertwine and often signal the acute precision of the analysis itself. It is a culmination of parts drawn together, weaving amongst earthy illustrations and an exquisite layout—pulling the reader even deeper into the narrative. The author’s work is fascinating, thought-provoking, and soul-stirring. The book is haunting and powerful—an affectionate work of art, critical for reading during such a time as this.                       

Book Awards

2017 Eric Hoffer Book Award, Grand Prize, Shortlist

2017 Eric Hoffer Book Award, Winner Poetry 

2017 Silver Nautilus Book Award, Poetry 

2017 Green Book Festival, Second Place Poetry 

2018 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Environment, Finalist

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